Long Tassle Gold Necklace and Grey Leopard Print Dress

how to wear long necklace

I have penchant for long necklaces because they can make a simple dress or top look great. For this particular day at work, I wore a long gold tassel chain necklace against my grey leopard print shift dress. The great thing about this necklace is that it can also go well with a white shirt and makes it look professional and polished. It's really fun to mix and match clothing with different accessories. If you aren't already doing it, I'll recommend that you start by experimenting with a few inexpensive long necklaces to build up some momentum. With a good collection of accessories, you'll … [Read more...]

Tory Burch Shoes & Accessories


I love Tory Burch stuff, especially items with the iconic gold T-logo medallion on it. The Tory Burch brand is named after the beautiful designer herself, who still look amazing at age 47. She started this label in 2004 and went on to become a multi-billion dollar business spanning over 100 stores and tie-ups with more than 1,000 departments worldwide. There's just something about the logo which can make a somewhat plain looking item to a classy looking piece. If I am to draw up a Tory Burch wish list, it will look like this: Splurge #1 - Reva Logo Flats In Hot Pink, … [Read more...]

How To Wear Leather With Class


Do you aspire to be decked out in glam rock fashion, but without looking like a biker chick, a punk rocker, a wild child and (gasp) a dominatrix? Here's the good news. Leather and classiness can and do go well together. You just need to know the limits. Why Rock? You see, the reason why leather wear is associated with rock is because that is the staple fashion. Think leather cuffs, leather boots, leather jackets, leather jeans, leather bags etc. Rockers go big about the whole leather thing. Thus, the key to injecting class with leather is to go in the opposite direction - minimizing … [Read more...]

What It Takes To Be Stylish and Elegant

how to be an elegant classy woman

People tend to associate elegance with good dress sense and social status. This is a total myth because it takes more than looking good and stylish to be really elegant. In fact, it has nothing to do with wealth or status. The core of elegance is in a lady's behavior and manners, especially how she relates to people around her in public. Elegance is not something that people are born with and only belong to the elites. Any female can become a woman of elegance, if she choose to learn the techniques and apply it on everyday life. Here's 3 keys to becoming one. 1) The Ability To … [Read more...]

Facing Your Fears In their Face

How To Overcome Fears

What's stopping you from doing what you want and having what you desire? With rare exceptions, when you strip away all the excuses, it's fear-fear of doing whatever it is that you must do to achieve your goals. Fear is one of our most basic instincts and it's key to our survival. It's easy to dismiss fear as cowardice, but it's not. Rather, cowardice is just one of many possible responses to fear; courage is another. Fear itself is not necessarily bad. In fact, it serves a purpose by protecting life and helping us avoid danger. Fear can get our hearts pumping and our adrenalin flowing. You … [Read more...]

Kate Middleton Dress Style

Kate Middleton Fashion Style

The 29-year old Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, now proudly known as the Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge after marrying Prince William in a classical sheer white gown, which stunned the fashion world with its exquisite simplicity and sheer elegance, has a sense of style, everybody adores. Many companies have made exact replicas of her outfits in varying colors and sizes. The gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge is well-known for her fashion choices that are unconventional for a royal member. She steer clears from display of ostentatious and elitist looks by opting for … [Read more...]

Classical Fashion


I was having so much fun at Polyvore recently that I decided to share one of my collage creations here! This reminds me of my childhood when I was playing with paper dolls. Polyvore is like the grown up version of 'paperdolls' for adults. If you are like me and have some time to spare, hop over to Polyvore to start fiddling around. Beware, it can get VERY addictive! :) … [Read more...]

Attitude Of Gratitude

Attitude Of Gratitude

Let's face it, life is not perfect. Many things can go wrong in a week, day or even hour. We can sulk all day and think 'life sucks', or view it as 'that's life!'. It is normal to have the 'life sucks' moments from time to time because we are only human. I get it too. But to dwell in that mode and not get out of it, that is what makes a person grumpy and unattractive. When we are not content with life, we give out negative vibes that repels people and all the good things that could happen. One way to yank out of this zone is to start being appreciative of all the little things in life. Look … [Read more...]

How To Look Taller

how to look taller

Height has always been a glam factor for women. It is associated with long legs, super models and attention. Tall women often get noticed more than the others. If you are of petite size or vertically challenged like me (I'm only 1.57m!), you probably might try to find ways to look taller. Being petite has its benefits, it's more about enhancing what I have and making it work its best. Here's a little 'cheat sheet' on how to make yourself look taller. Skinny Jeans or Pants Skinny jeans are probably the best invention since sliced bread. I know that sounds cliche but it really work, at least … [Read more...]

The Polished Pencil Dress Look

Color Pencils - Pencil Dresses

Here's a look to consider if you want an interesting way to look polished for work or for a business environment. Let's dive a little more about how each pieces gel together. Pencil Dress If you have heard of pencil skirt, then a pencil dress should sound familiar to you. A pencil skirt is a tight tapered skirt that usually falls above or slightly below the knees. The pencil dress look the same way, except that it is in one-piece. The thing about pencil dress is how it instantly preps you up for a look that's appropriate in professional settings. Good fit is important As this type of … [Read more...]